United Cycling is in a direct dialogue with the international market on a daily basis – on all levels in the organisation. The correspondence is never between the purchasing and sales department only. We take pride in a true partnership and therefore deeply engaged in the international brands we represent.

United Cycling is e.g. a part of the development of Argon 18’s new track bike frames. We are the link between the Danish national Track Cycling team and the brand. We are working closely together with the chief mechanic of the team, and our job is to be a sounding board during the development process as well as exchanging wishes and information between the parties in order to develop the most advanced bikes.

Together we investigate new component partners, and in that connection our job is to bring new input. On the other hand we know that no other bikes (or components) are tested more thoroughly than A18. Argon 18 employs 40% more staff in the technical department than any other manufacturer in the carbon bicycle market.